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We recently got a "protest" image submitted into our gallery that was accusing Archie Comics & Sega of being "sexist." (Due to Princess Sally now wearing clothes, while most male animal Sonic characters do not.)

While we accept critiques/criticism of the comic series, (heck I don't love every issue either, and Dejimon11's previous journal entry criticized a few things about the series) and overall we try to respect others' opinions, whether they enjoy the series, or not... (And we encourage our members to do the same.)

However, let's try to avoid downright hateful/spiteful/protest images, please, or things that try to make the series look "bad," or demonize the companies/people that make them...

While I understand everyone has an opinion about Sally's "new look," (or the other controversial changes to the series) and I understand not everyone is pleased with it, let's TRY to avoid accusations like that, or images bashing the companies that produce the comics.

Archie & Sega have kept the Sonic comic going for over 20 years now. (Most other licensed comic based on a video game haven't even lasted half as long.)
We should at least be greatfull, they still allow the comics to be made to entertain us after all these years, regardless of the ups & downs we feel the series has had, or what our own personal preferences, or opinions of the series.

Think of it this way, would you like it if you were accused of being "sexist," hating SatA.M., hating the games, hating a certain character, and such?
As a Sonic fan myself, I've been accused of many things here on DA, (Including being an "Amy-hater," or a "Sally-hater," even though I am in an Amy fan-club, and a Sally fan-club, as well ironically...) so I know what it's like. Sonic fans in general are getting to touchy, and overly-protective over the aspects/characters they prefer about the Sonic franchise in general.

In the future, please don't submit Anti-Archie, or Anti-Sega "propaganda." (There's a difference between criticizing/critiquing, and merely bashing/fear-mongering things) Same goes for things demonizing people who work/worked on the comic like Ian Flynn, or even Ken Penders. You can express your opinions in journal entries, and such, but when it comes to art, be careful what you submit to the club.
We accept things harmlessly poking fun at the series, but not things downright bashing/hating on it, as well.

We also ask people not to send stuff bashing certain characters (like Sally or Amy) or other official Sonic canons. (Like Sonic SatA.M., the games, or "Sonic X")
We want this club to remain unbiased, but at least a fairly positive club. This is a club to appreciate the series, even if it isn't "perfect" all the time.

Feel free to discuss in the comments, or ask questions below if you believe this is a good/bad idea.
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ChickaruPocket Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I've never felt so... disappointed for this new reboot? of the Archie Sonic series, I mean YEAH there has been many changes, some that I liked, some I had to get used to and some that totally pissed me off. I have to admit The Freedom Fighters are looking kinda cool, but, I liked more there old designs, especially Bunnie. And I guess I'm a bit excited about the new characters, but the heck happened to the old ones?! The thing that really annoyed me, were the cliffhangers that were left behind, are they ever going to continue them? What happened to Scourge the Hedgehog after he escaped from Jail, What happen in Dragon Kingdom, was Monkey Khan still concerned about Mecha Sally, did he managed to find evidence about the other Khans, What Happened to Snivley after He fought against Robotnik but was captured and imprisoned, and was replaced with an android duplicate who became the Iron Queen's aide. Mighty and Ray, MATILDA! The rest of the chaotix, Geoffrey St. John, Mina Mongoose, anybody??????

Eversince the whole worlds collide ended, I haven't seen any of those characters and whatsoever. Why didn't they put Mina to join the team (that would've been great), are they still relevant, will they ever appear again in the story?Oh why, why did they killed off the Freedom HQ?  The SFF. I just hope they'll appear... Were the other dimensions POOF gone, Light Zone, Dark Zone, I'm fine that they add more stuff in the series, I'll get used to the changes, but deleting the elements, it's just sad, there the reasonwhy I follow the series.

Now don't get me started on the new 52 DC comics, many characters are great such as Tim, and Dick...I guess , but Star, ugh! Just please, I'm not saying that they're never coming back, I don't want to admit that, It's just they haven't mentioned a single thing about them in SSS, especially in issue 9. We'll they ever come back, are they killed off, or are they simply gonna spring up in surprise?
FunnelFlaky Mar 20, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks to whoever submitted my Titan Form Sally here.
Gynandromorph Mar 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I've looked at the so-called "reboot" and honestly, I don't consider it to be a reboot. The characters still have past experiences that they are reminded of by Nicole. It's still a continuation to me.
One more thing. Thank you for accepting my deviations, especially since I didn't even ask. I really thought you would have thought I was "too butthurt to accept this new direction". I guess I misjudged you.
SonicNyx Feb 18, 2014  Hobbyist
I hope Finitevus has a place in this new universe (Considering he was not made by ken penders)
Me to, I think he was made by artist Jonathan Grey.
I think Finitevus & Thrash make good rivals for Knux. Thrash is able to match Knux in strength, while Dr. Creepy Von Evil is able to fight Knux with his intelligence.
Mixedfan8643 Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
So, has anybody here seen issue 257 yet?

I've just read it and it was AWESOME!!! :D I'm really growing to like this rebooted universe...
I have read it too! 

And, I agree! :D I like this universe too! :D :D :D
Mixedfan8643 Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Awesome. :)

Very nice. :D 
yup! :D

Indeed! :D Also, nice to see that Team freedom, and team fighters exist, in some way :)
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